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NEXT MEETING: 12th January 2021, 7.30 
To register on Zoom, contact Oxfordshire KONP: bmackeith@gmail.com



Oxfordshire Keep Our NHS Public

Our campaign aims to:
Keep Our NHS Public! This means funded from taxation, free at the point of use, and provided as a public service by people employed in the NHS and accountable to the people and Parliament.
– Build a broad-based non-party political campaign to prevent further fragmentation and privatisation of the NHS.
– Inform the public and the media about what is happening as a result of the government’s ‘reform’ programme.
– Call for a public debate about the future of the NHS and halt the further use of the private sector until such a debate is had.

Contact Oxfordshire KONP:     bmackeith@gmail.com

Press releases

Campaigners denounce government’s crony privatisation of vaccination, 18 January 2021
Campaigners concerned about Covid vaccination, 14 January 2021
Request from campaigners and local councillor  to County Council on local test and trace, 8 December 2020
Campaigners call for local, trusted, publicly provided test and trace scheme to replace failed, centralised, privatised test and trace, 26 November 2020




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