Stolen Treatments

Below is a simple list of what is happening in Oxfordshire as a result of de-funding our NHS over the last decade, of a big reduction in training opportunities, and a growing private market waiting to pounce on our frailty.

Stolen Treatments include:
• ones no longer offered on the NHS at all;
• those which are rationed – and only available if a condition gets really bad; and
• those for which there are hugely long waiting lists.

Example of treatments and conditions requiring them are:

• Ears – wax removal
• Skin – cyst removal
• Varicose veins
• Feet – podiatry
• Hernias
• Prolapses
• Fertility treatment
• Mental distress (all ages and types)
• Hip and knee replacements (available but only after a long wait)
• Heart and cancer operations (increasing waiting times/cancelled operations) This list is the tip of the iceberg … do write in with your story.

This all leads to a growing private market in:
• Minor operations and private hospitals
• Private health insurance
• Ear wax removal
• Eye treatment – cataract and Laser
• Skin cyst removal
• Hearing aids
• Podiatry
• Physiotherapy

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