Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs)

What are Accountable Care Organizations and why do we oppose them?
National KONP Briefing on Accountable Care Organizations
Stephen Hawking on Accountable Care Organisations

‘Further evidence that the direction is towards a US-style system
is that the NHS in England is undergoing a complete
reorganisation into 44 regions with the aim of each being run as
an “accountable care organisation” (ACO). An ACO is a variant of
a type of US system called a health maintenance organisation (HMO) in
which all services are provided in a network of hospitals and
clinics all run by the HMO company. It is reasonable to expect the
powerful US HMO companies such as Kaiser Permanente and
UnitedHealth will be bidding for the huge contracts to run these
ACOs when they go out to international tender.’

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