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The terrifying truth about those deciding the future of the NHS

The Tories are using the pandemic to reshape our health service – and so it’s up to us to protect our access to comprehensive treatment.

Published on:19 December 2020 by: Caroline Molloy


Johnson really going to “rein in” privatisation? Don’t you believe it!

The end of NHS privatisation would appear – once again – to have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, things could be about to get considerably worse… read more

Caroline Molloy

Paul Dennett, Mayor of Salford, rejects outsourcing
Paul Dennet, Salford mayor

Cuts to local authorities budgets “drive an agenda of outsourcing and commissioning of services and a race to the bottom in terms of employment. And we’ve seen that especially with domiciliary care workers and some of our care homes, whom we commission but don’t directly employ. These people aren’t paid for travel time, they’re paid what the government classes as a living wage, which isn’t a living wage.” The Guardian, 31 Oct 2018

Comparing the NHS with Other Health Systems

In general, the UK compares favourably with other countries in such rankings in terms of access to healthcare, equity of treatment, and protection against the cost of falling ill or having an accident, and it does all of this with far fewer resources than our peers. However, the UK does worse than average in respect to some health outcomes, such as cancer survival rates.  Centre for Health and Public Interest, June 2018

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