Campaigns (Old)

National KONP site

Links to other campaign websites

NHS For Sale? provides information on private sector involvement in the NHS. This site is organised by the NHS Support Federation, a pressure group that campaigns to defend the NHS.

Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill wants MPs and the public to support a bill in parliament which would restore the founding vision of the NHS.
Health Campaigns Together is an alliance of national and local health campaigns. It produces a quarterly 12-page newspaper.

Just Treatment putting patients and the NHS before profit. Pharmaceutical companies are charging prices so high the NHS simply can’t afford the medicines. And healthcare corporations are slowly taking control of more and more of the NHS. This profit-driven agenda is putting all our lives at risk. We’re a group of patients determined to change this.

Our NHS (an excellent campaign organisation and source of information on the NHS)
Corporate Europe Observatory (an excellent source of information on the effects of corporate lobbying on our public services)

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