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KONP newsletter Jan 2022Briefing, January 2022. The privatisation of Oxford’s National Vaccination Centre, the Health and Social Care Bill, Privatisation Health and Climate, Stolen Treatments, Why the private healthcare bonanza is bad for the NHS and for health.

KONP Briefing, July 2021, Covid and Privatisation: The Bigger Picture

How the government’s core commitment to the private market affects not only how it deals with the NHS and public services but also its response to the threat to life from a pandemic.

KONP Briefing, March 2021, Reorganisation of the NHS: Integrated Care Systems

In February, the government published its White Paper on the reorganisation of the NHS and the creation of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) as statutory bodies. These ICSs will replace local Clinical Commissioning Groups as the organisers and purchasers of health services. There are many problems with this new system having to do with accountability, the downgrading of local authority input, the failure to integrate social care, the new powers of the secretary of state, and the role of the private sector.

KONP Briefing, February 2021 

Local Public Health is as vital now as it has
been for the past 200 years -and it’s being sidelined

KONP Briefing December 2020, Test and Trace, CCGs abolished
KONP Briefing October 2020 Oxfordshire local test and trace
KONP Briefing 28 June 2020 Test & Trace and US-UK Trade Deal
KONP Briefing 5 May 2020, Privatisation
KONP Briefing 15 April 2020 Coronavirus Update
 Oxfordshire KONP Newsletters 2017-2019

Oxfordshire KONP Newsletter November 2019 Privatisation
In our November Newsletter you can read about the real extent of privatisation of the NHS. A recent study shows that it is not, as the government claims, only 7% of the NHS budget but 18%. Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) were meant to make decision-making more locally accountable. But now NHS England wants to merge local CCGs into much bigger bodies, less accountable and further from public scrutiny. These Integrated Care Systems will no longer be accountable to local GPs. THeir top officials will be appointed from above, taking orders directly from government. Also, what are we to think when Oxfordshire’s main hospital partners up with a major US health company to establish a private clinic? Read more … 

Oxfordshire KONP Newsletter June 2019
In our June Newsletter you can read about how  “joint working” with big pharmaceutical companies is threatening one of the founding principles of the NHS – public funding. Boehringer Ingelheim, one of the top 20 pharmaceutical firms, is now funding and managing part of a local NHS service in Oxford. 
The PET scanner scandal is still unresolved. The County Council’s Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) made a legal objection to the  planned takeover by InHealth but the Health Secretary ignored it. The fight continues. Meanwhile, the CCG has “temporarily” closed Oxford City Community Hospital.

Oxfordshire KONP Newsletter, March 2019
In the March issue of Oxfordshire KONP’s Newsletter, you can read about
– how NHS England wants to give the Churchill Hospital’s PET scanners, that are used in the treatment of cancer, to a private company
– how the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group has agreed to accept money from one of the big international pharmaceutical companies and why this shouldn’t  happen
– the large number of NHS treatments which both NHS England and our local CCG have decided to ration
– why one solution to the shortage of local authority funds for social care is to take the service in-house.

Oxfordshire KONP Newsletter December 2018

In Oxfordshire we are currently facing proposals for cuts and changes in health services all over the place, for instance, Wantage Hospital, primary care provision in Witney, acute care at the Horton in Banbury, and the total reorganisation of Oxfordshire health and social care in a new Integrated Care System. This December Newsletter tries to put all these proposals in context so that we can have a collective idea of what is really going on. These latest proposals are part of a bigger story. Read it here.

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Protest outside meeting of County Council’s Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee, 17 Nov 2016

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