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Oxfordshire KONP Newsletter, March 2019

In the March issue of Oxfordshire KONP’s Newsletter, you can read about
– how NHS England wants to give the Churchill Hospital’s PET scanners, that are used in the treatment of cancer, to a private company
– how the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group has agreed to accept money from one of the big international pharmaceutical companies and why this shouldn’t  happen
– the large number of NHS treatments which both NHS England and our local CCG have decided to ration
– why one solution to the shortage of local authority funds for social care is to take the service in-house.




In Oxfordshire we are currently facing proposals for cuts and changes in health services all over the place, for instance, Wantage Hospital, primary care provision in Witney, acute care at the Horton in Banbury, and the total reorganisation of Oxfordshire health and social care in a new Integrated Care System. This December Newsletter tries to put all these proposals in context so that we can have a collective idea of what is really going on. These latest proposals are part of a bigger story. Read it here.




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