Crush Covid with Local Test & Trace

Crush Covid is calling for testing and tracing to be put back into the hands of local public health teams. We are working at a local level to persuade city and district councils to pass motions calling on their county council to run test and trace themselves. A number of councils have passed such motions, for instance, Oxford and Lambeth, and these can be downloaded from this page by campaigners and party members who are seeking to do the same in their local area. Proper government funding is needed for this.

In the film below, five powerful speakers, including Anneliese Dodds MP and Layla Moran MP, explain why local test and trace would help us crush Covid and get back to normal sooner rather than later.

The Crush Covid campaign has garnered the support of local MPs and councillors, who agree with campaigners that locally run test and trace services are much more likely to succeed in helping to bring infection rates under control. The failures of private company SERCO to contact the people who had been close-contacts of those diagnosed with COVID-19 have been well documented. The Government admitted failures when it emerged that SERCO had contacted less than 60% of close-contacts in October, despite £12billion of tax payers’ money being spent on the contract tracing system.

Independent SAGE responded to this admission of failure by the Government by publishing a ‘blueprint’ for contract-tracing, proposing a five-stage process of finding, testing, tracing, isolating and supporting those isolating in order to reduce infection rates.

Oxford Council then adopted a motion for full control of contact-tracing to be taken on board by local authorities in November and subsequently two other Oxfordshire councils have debated similar motions.

Campaigners have launched a video (above) calling on other local areas to launch their own Crush Covid campaigns, and demand local authorities run local contact-tracing services. They are asking: “Who is more likely to persuade a ‘contact’ to isolate – someone from a national call centre that usually deals with debt collecting – or someone from the council at your door offering practical support?”

Councillor Louise Upton of Oxford City Council says in the video: “We are in lockdown again. We are in lockdown as not enough people who tested positive for COVID-19 were tested, contacted and supported to stay at home. And that support to stay at home is absolutely crucial for the whole system to work.” Didcot Town Council passed a similar motion March 1st 2021.

So far Lambeth has passed a similar motion and campaigners hope that they can persuade other local councils in London to do the same, with the aim of London region coordinating the local systems. so local testing can be organised regionally. ZeroCovid and WeOwnIt campaigns also back the Crush Covid demands. Twenty more councils are set to consider similar motions thanks to WeOwnIt’s work.

Campaigner Liz Peretz says in the video: “We hope that other areas in the country will set up similar campaigns, some we know already have. Together we can get the Government to change its minds.

Local Action in other parts of England
Motions calling for proper funding for local test and trace have been passed by these councils: Lambeth

Oxfordshire KONP Briefings on local test and trace from October 2020 December 2020 February 2021

What would a local test and trace system look like?

Independent Sage’s Blue Print is a good start. The system would be co-ordinated by NHS England and run by directors of public health. It would include:

Keep Our NHS Public launches People’s Covid Inquiry


Ask your MP to demand proper funding for local, public test and trace from Matt Hancock

Letter to your MP (you can download the letter here). The letter can be changed, added to, as you wish.

What the experts say

Watch these short videos of experts explaining why local test and trace is best and how we can push for it.

Professor Allyson Pollock, Director of the Newcastle Centre for Excellence in Regulatory Science

Councillor Katherine Tyson, Cherwell District Council, Liberal Democrat

Dr Hosnieh Djafari-Marbini, consultant anaesthetist and councillor on Oxford City Council, Labour Party

Councillor Ian Middleton, Cherwell District Councillor, Green Party

Dr Helen Salisbury, prominent Oxford GP and broadcaster

Further information and useful links

Independent SAGE A group of scientists and experts, whose blueprint for a properly funded Find, Test, Trace and Support to Isolate system is widely supported, including by Crush Covid

Article by Prof. Stephen Reicher of Independent SAGE explaining why it’s not enough to wait for the vaccine and setting out the five-point plan proposed by Independent SAGE