• VMIC up for Sale

    Since 2018, the government has invested £200 million in a national Vaccination Manufacturing and Innovation Centre. Under the auspices of three UK universities, the VMIC has been crucial in the rapid development and manufacture of the UK’s anti-Covid vaccine. Development of the Astrazeneca vaccine was 97% government funded. A brand new purpose-built VMIC centre isContinue reading “VMIC up for Sale”

  • Stolen Treatments

    Below is a simple list of what is happening in Oxfordshire as a result of de-funding our NHS over the last decade, of a big reduction in training opportunities, and a growing private market waiting to pounce on our frailty. Stolen Treatments include: • ones no longer offered on the NHS at all; • thoseContinue reading “Stolen Treatments”

  • Accountable Care Organizations and Why We Oppose Them

    Keep Our NHS Public Briefing Paper Accountable care systems and the National Health Service (NHS) Summary This briefing outlines how, as little as five years since the massive restructuring imposed by the Health and Social Care Act (HSC Act) of 2012, the NHS is again undergoing radical change, this time at breakneck speed and withoutContinue reading “Accountable Care Organizations and Why We Oppose Them”

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