Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group

The Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (OCCG) is the main body which manages healthcare in Oxfordshire. It purchases healthcare services and decides which bodies deliver health services in our region. Its meetings are open to the public and it is supposed to be both accountable to the public and transparent in its decision-making. On this page we will try to keep you up to date with issues and concerns relating to the OCCG, including Freedom of Information Requests from KONP to OCCG.


New Head of Oxfordshire CCG Louise Patten has been hired as Interim CEO because of her ‘proven leadership approach’. What does this mean? She successfully introduced an Accountable Care Organisation in Buckinghamshire last year. The government has moved on from STPs to ACOs as a way to integrate services in a locality and Bucks and West Berks, our STP footprint partners, are in the national first wave of eight such ‘organisations’. Read more..


Oxfordshire Keep Our NHS Public’s response to the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning group (OCCG) ’Locality Place based Primary Care Plan: Oxford Locality’. Despite being assured earlier in the year that there would be a full consultation on the second Phase of Oxfordshire’s Transformation Plan (OTP), this appears to have been overtaken by events. The five place-based plans for primary care seem to us to be key parts of what was going to be in Phase 2 of the public consultation. Read more.

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