CETA, the EU’s Trade Deal with Canada, is a ‘Ticking Time Bomb‘, 1 Nov 2016 
Europe’s Own ISDS: a new plan to impose ISDS on the EU’s internal cross-border trade, June 2016
TTIP LeaksTTIP Documents Leaked by Greenpeace, 2 May 2016


 “TTIP …. will destroy the NHS”, The Independent, 26 April 2016


FOI Reveals Government’s Own Assessment of ISDS, Global Justice Now, 25 April 2016
Europe’s MEPs Voted for a New Law on Trade Secrets, 15 April 2016
German Judges Reject the Investment Court SystemFebruary 2016
7 reasons to oppose ICSCETA and TTIP: ‘Provisional Implementation’ Overrides National Veto,   February 2016
 TTIP in 2015: A Brief Report
CETA. Report from European Public Services Union.
CETA Matters as Much as TTIP
Over 3 million EU Citizens Signed a Petition Against TTIP, October 2015
TTIP Update September 2015: TTIP Has Become Even More Secret
The European Parliament Says Yes to TTIP, 25 August 2015
TTIP: If Voting Changed Anything, They’d Abolish It, 17 June, 2015
TTIP: Why The Rest of the World Should Beware, a 61-page Report from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation on the effects of TTIP on the rest of the world, 3 June 2015
European Parliament’s Trade Committee Votes on TTIP, 1 June 2015
TTIP update: US Senate votes to give Obama fast-track authority to sign trade deal, 25 May 2015
 TTIP update: US Senate agrees to debate bill on fast-track authority, 15 May 2015
TTIP Myths. A KONP Leaflet
House of Commons Debates TTIP
Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: European Disintegration, Instability and Unemployment, Tufts University Working Paper, October 2014
Democracy at TTIPing Point by Colin Crouch
TTIP: the Effect on Food and Farming (a new brochure, Dec 2014)
TTIP update: social services reservation, regulations and ISDS, growth, jobs and wages,  11 November 2014
The TTIP Deal Hands British Sovereignty to Multinationals, Owen Jones, The Guardian 14 Sept
Resolution on TTIP Adopted by the TUC Annual Conference September 2014
Who does the EU Commission talk to about TTIP?
Short Briefing on TTIP, 30 May 2014
Excellent short video from CEO on investor rights in TTIP, April 2014
EU Commission Launches Public Consultation on ISDS 29 March 2014
More Trade Unions Call for Halt to TTIP  March 2014
UNISON, GMB and NUT Call for Halt to TTIP
Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS): the Corporate Dash for Power Feb 2014
Free-Trade Deals: The Battle Begins  Jan 2014
The EU-US Free Trade Agreement and the NHS
The EU-US Free Trade Agreement and the Corporate Challenge to Legal Regulations
Open Letter from Civil Society Groups against Investor Privileges in the EU-US Trade Deal
The EU-US Free-Trade Agreement and the NHS, 2013.

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